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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Leaving the Escapade Mud Bowl

We forgot to tell the story of our departure from the Escapade. So, here it begins. I think it had been raining for 3 day straight. Remember, we are in a field. Motor homes and 5th wheels started sinking the second day. Other Escapees started being towed out before the rally was over. We were staying an extra day and decided the extra drying time would assure us getting out, so we thought the break in the rain would offer us a break from the learning. So, off we go to watch others deal with the mud bowl, with our bloody mary, Kora and a camera.

Alas, 3 days later when we go to leave, the mud is no more dry and we also have to be towed out of the mess. But, a quick pull and we are out and on our way. I did learn, not to put our rugs down to keep the mud out of the home because the mud soaks thru the rug and then you have to get it out of the rug and the home.

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