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Monday, June 15, 2009

Still Waiting

Well, we are in a new park near the Buffalo River. We are waiting for mail and nice enough weather to go for a float down the Buffalo. It's been raining and/or chance of rain for several days. Very hot and humid. We are going for sure tomorrow, rain or shine. I can't wait. It will be more fun than the last float. That was a lot of work, dragging instead of floating. It was fun too though. It's all fun.

Kora is a bit upset with our choice of camp ground. When we got here, she kept going to the back of the lot to find her fishing spot. She seemed very confused and sad for most of the first day. We have taken her to another river to get wet a couple of times. She is happy now. She is not liking this humidity any more than we are. She barks to come into the cool home, very quickly these days.

Heading north in a couple of days, to cool off. Will keep you posted. :)

P.S. June 16th It's still raining. No float today. :(

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