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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pompeys Pillar

Karla was not interested in the next trip so she stayed home. I drove off to (by myself) the spot where Clark of Lewis and Clark fame had stopped along the Yellowstone River and signed his name and date to a large outcropping of stone. Many others before and after Clark have signed there names or drawn pictures in the stone. While there, I went down to the river bank and noticed a guy with a UM shirt on, so I had to ask, well, he went to UM and also went to Pioneer High, same high school as me, only he was one year behind me. Small world.

Well I had to drive quickly back to rig to be there in time for Jim and Sandie's (classmates and friends that we meet at the Escapade) visit. I made with a few minutes to spare. It was a good time visiting with them again

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  1. wow Eric, how VERY cool. I love the picture of the moonrise at Yellowstone too.