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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We get a new engine!

Today I went back down the mountain to the motor home, to get the last of the wedding stuff and all the things we might need for our little mini vacation. While there the service manager stopped by to let me know the bad news, good news of my mechanical problems. We through a rod, and need a new engine... it is covered by my Ford warranty and it might take through next week to get fixed. By Fri morning we should know if a new engine is in Denver system.

I also called the customer service at Ford today to ask how I might get reimbursed for all my out of home pocket costs and they said to keep all receipts and mail them in for consideration. "what does consideration mean" I asked...... the rep said she has heard that they pay the motel bill but nothing else, it is a different dept and she really doesn't know.

I am concerned about a new engine and a very tall mountain in front of where we want to go after the wedding with no break-in miles, so I asked the question of the service manager. He said it would be just fine and go for it, the new engine is far better than the original. It's a good strong engine and they see these problems occasionally with no known reasons why.

So life continues on as an adventure and as I always say ..... (so I'm told)

it is what it is
travel safe

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  1. wow, thanks for the update Eric. I was thinking about you today, and wondering what the verdict was. I'll be thinking of everyone this weekend; I know it will be such a lovely wedding!