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Thursday, February 3, 2011

wintery weather everywhere

Massive ice storm hits Mesa AZ, paralizes many
As the snow storm of the century moves towards the east coast, I want to let everybody know that it isn't all sunshine and warm winds here in Mesa AZ. We too had a massive ice storm that effected, well maybe not everybody, well maybe only the few that walked past and noticed the ice on the water fountain here in the park. It has been cold here for the last 2 nights but it is going to warm up after today.

 Since I haven't posted for a bit, Karla and I are in Mesa AZ for the winter. We took a "J-O-B" "working" the pool side Tiki Bar at Valle Del Oro RV Park in Mesa AZ.

Karla loves that we match
We are having a great time especially since Sherry and Sharon and Debby and Bill are here in the park also. Having friends as neighbors makes being in one spot much more enjoyable. Other friends from the Escapee Club come and go as they pass through Mesa, so we have plenty of people we know in the area. It is so much different when you are with friends than when traveling. Both are good, but being in one place with friends is nice.
water volley ball is every day 12-2

As I said,
we match


Mon, Tues and Fri there is a Happy Hour from 4-6 which has live music. The dance floor is a bit  away from us but it was so busy one night people started line dancing right by the Bar.
Line dancing moves to a new dance floor

Working late into the night
Once in awhile, we are open later into the evening, it was pretty dark so we had them put up some lights.  We get all of our  work hours in on Thurs and Fri so we do have plenty of time to explore the area, visit with friends and enjoy all that the park has to offer. 

Thanks for reading and as always travel safe


  1. It's so nice to finally read a catch-up blog. It looks like you're having a great time but we certainly missed you!!

  2. And you were running from the cold! LOL
    Cold here too.

  3. We love being here with you guys too!! And hopefully that cold "spell" is OVER - yesterday we sunbathed at the pool & it was glorious...
    And thanks for hosting the welcome pot-luck & super bowl, what fun!

  4. How did you two learn to make all those different drinks? I want to learn. I tell Paul...when I die, I hope God lets me either be a florist or bartender in Heaven. At least I pray I go to Heaven!
    Hope the weather is warmer. We are at 38 right now and we are supposedly in the tropics of the U.S....REALLY?