Our Current Travels

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mr Scrib's Pizza. The number 2  restaurant we have to eat at before we can leave the Muskegon area.  Did it so we moved on. Drove to Zion IL. A bit of a hairy drive, especially when Karla had to keep Kora from standing in my line of sight to the passenger side mirror. But all is well and we are safe.

Karla's favorite pizza joint
the pizza from Mr Scrib's, wonder who already had a slice?

campfire in Muskegon, 
We are now at our summer home, just N. of Chicago. Getting comfortable, and more to come!


  1. We have some places we have to eat at too when we're in certain areas. I'm taking it the ride to Zion is one most folks don't really want to take an RV?

  2. Coming from MI, the drive to Zion is thru Chicago, which can be trying. There are so many trucks and so many lanes, Karla sleeps. Wish I could.