Our Current Travels

Sunday, October 19, 2014

As usual, it's been a bit since the last post

   Summer is over and travel is in the air. We have left IBSP for a bit to come to MI for visits with friends and some appointments. Soon we will be back to Chicago for Halloween with the family and grand-kids. Then on to Wickenburg AZ for the annual Bluegrass Music Festival.
  Some pictures from the summer
Mallory helping

Fish Boil on Lake Huron w/ friends

Grant on his 3rd birthday

Grant wanting ribbons in his hair (like his sister)

Miles sitting up
Jesse and Heidi @ a Michigan game
Mike, Kai, Grant, Mallory and Miles head
Karla w/ Grant
weekend camping trip to IBSP
Virginia and Jesse's wedding at Carmel
Mike and kids playing in the rain 
My brother in a teaching moment
More of Miles
we did have some fun golfing
Grant modeling some new digs
IBSP losing its beach and water main

A walk in Dexter MI


  1. Looks like a summer full of memories. Safe travels to AZ.

  2. Now that is a summer full of good times and memories. Be safe and we'll see you in AZ.

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