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Monday, March 23, 2009

Counting down

It's nearly time for our big adventure and the waiting is harder each and every day. We have a lifetime of new experiences to unfold before us.
I'm trying to tie up loose ends of paperwork. I am also working on finalizing my aunt's affairs. Now on to what to do with all this "stuff" in our house. Amazing how much stuff one has to go through.
Eric is putting more and more pieces of the puzzle together and he is doing a wonderful job of it. Which phone, which router, which bike rack, surge protector, air gauge, ceiling fan??? It goes on and on and he has researched it all and makes the best choices for our new home on wheels.

When it is time to go, we will be ready!! We'll do our best to give you glimpses of our on going adventure.
So, stay tuned.



  1. I'm really excited you're almost ready to join us out here on the road. I'll enjoy following along with you on your adventures.

    Sandie Dixon

  2. Great to see your new blog! I finally got to the Comment section.
    This will be a trip for me too!

  3. Nice shiny new blog you have here. We look forward to reading about your preparations and your travels.

    We're not far behind you!