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Monday, April 27, 2009

One last picnic with friends

One last picnic with good friends and family. There are a few missing but they are in our hearts and we will see them before we leave.

Oh my gosh, what a great home this has been. It feels very strange saying good bye for, who knows how long. We will stay connected and won't lose touch. We will see you all again but will miss you all very much.

It's getting so close to leaving now. Eric is putting the final tweeks on the mo ho. I am getting things organized inside. Eric is getting nervous about too much stuff, weight and room. It will all work out. Relax Eric.

Four more working days for Eric. Thursday he says good bye to many years of of working with great people and creating a little bit of history. He has had a lot of projects that have special meaning to him. Here's to a job well done, my love. You gave it your all. They will truly be lost without you.

We have had great timing and great weather for accomplishing all that we needed to get done. We still have several things to get done but it is all falling into place.

Thank you to all of you who have been there for us in many different ways. Everyone of you is appreciated and loved.


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