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Sunday, June 28, 2009

We out ran the heat, well sort of.

We arrived in Clear Lake on 6/23. We only stayed one night at the last park because it was so hot and they put us right in full sun. Kora didn't even want to go out. We never saw any other travelers because they were all hiding inside too.

Clear Lake, Iowa was still just as hot and muggy but as soon as we got set up, notice I said(as soon as we got set up), a huge storm passed through and took the heat with it. The temp dropped 20 degrees and stayed down. It got a little muggy the next couple of days but it was much easier to deal with now that it was 85 and not 100 and we were in the shade. It was a lovely State Park.

Anyway, Clear Lake was a pleasant surprise. It had a large, lovely lake and quaint town. We took a ride on their paddle boat and road our bikes to town a couple of times.

We found several wind farms, which I was absolutely fascinated with. Just seeing these incredible massive structures creating sustainable energy, in the middle of this beautiful field of growing produce was enough to take my breath away. We went back several times to take pictures of different wind farms. I have attached only one picture. I will put together an album soon, if you care to see more.

We are off to Duluth today (Sunday) where the temperature will be around 67 all week (be careful what you ask for). So much for my swim in Lake Superior. Sorry Anne, I am not a trooper like you. I need you here to encourage me.

More later.

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