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Saturday, June 20, 2009

up to date

The last posts are a little out of order, but who's grading this anyway. And with this post, I think I am up to date. We are now in Branson MO for a couple of days as we head north. With the temps in the mid 90's with high humidity and all the work associated with a travel day (break down and set up) I got a little heat exhaustion and was in bed for a day. Feel much better now though. We were going to leave here yesterday but had to modify plans, again. We now are scheduled to leave here Monday and have reservations in Kansas City (gotta make a trip to Whole Foods and The Apple Store) and then on to Duluth MN for next Sunday night. That makes a nicely paced trip.

safe travels to all,
happy fathers day
it is our 1 year wedding anniversary tomorrow too, so..... to Karla, all my love and Happy Anniversary


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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I understand totally about getting the time to post everything and in order. Some days I get it done some I don't. Right now I'm so far behind who knows when I'll catch up.

    Eric - sorry you had to learn about the heat and humidity the hard way. Hopefully Duluth will be nicer to you.

    Be safe.