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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cool weather continues

Well, on to Moose Lake, Mn. we are heading to Duluth to visit with Eric's aunt and her family.

This park had lots to do but the cool weather did not allow us to take advantage of all we wanted to do but, it helped us do others. There was a tennis court right behind our campsite and we got to play tennis and be nice and cool. Kora just loved playing with us too. She had so much fun running around with no lease in the tennis court. It was so cool that there were no other people in the court and we could let her run. She has had a lease on ever since we left Ann Arbor. She didn't bother our playing but she had quite a time playing by herself with the other balls.

We got to go for a couple of long bike rides on the great bike trails. We walked to downtown, to the coffee shop or ice cream store.

We didn't get to kayak or swim. It was just too cold and windy.

There will be lots of time to kayak. We can't do it all in every spot. This adventure must start to move from do, do, do to do, live life, do. We are moving from vacation to, "this is our life". Sometimes it is just good to sit, and be in the moment.

Onward to Duluth.

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  1. It takes about 6 months before you realize that you retired and not just on vacation. Then it just comes natural doing what you want when you want and at a pace that is more enjoyable. Then nap time becomes a very important part of the day.