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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moose Lake and Duluth, Minnesota

The photo of the wall is mosaic tile done in pictures from around Lake Superior.

We parked at Moose Lake City Campground and did day trips to see the area and visit my Aunt Flo. In Cloquet, MN is the only gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We had to see that. The owner even pumped the gas for us. There were some nice tall statues in the area that we got to see too. In Duluth, we saw the aireal bridge in action. The US Steel "The Edwin Gott" left the harbor. The laker is 1000 ft long and 105 ft wide. We also walked the lake walk. Duluth is a pretty industrial area but they have made the waterfront a great place to walk and enjoy the lake. If Duluth can do it, why can't Detroit do it?

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