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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

so, its been a while (again)

You would think that going from working a full time job, keeping up on a household full of stuff and visiting with friends and having fun to being retired and living in a MH that keeping up on a blog would be easy. Well, I'm here to tell ya, it ain't. After driving to a new location, or sightseeing, or sitting in a pool or organizing pictures, or having a cold one, or and or and or, there just isn't the time to post (on a regular basis). So here goes.

We were in Yellowstone dry camping with our friends Sherry and Sharon, driving around seeing all Yellowstone has to offer (it is a wonderful place). We saw a lot of wild life and all the gizzers and pools and streams and lakes. We did the drive out the NE corner to The Beartooth Highway, which was great by the way. All in all in was a perfect visit to the park. We did leave some things on the table so....... we have to go back.

We also visited the Tetons and they were even better. We dry camped in a park, did a lot of day trips around and we kayaked on Jackson Lake and that was the best. We did discover that our battery system was not working properly so in the middle of he night we ended up w/ no furnace. It wouldn't have been bad except it went down into the 30's. So we left after a few nights for a full hookup park S of Jackson WY. We left more on the table in the Tetons so...... we will be back.

As we were driving to our new park outside of Jackson Hole we noticed people whitewater rafting on the Snake River. Well........we had to try it. And it was a very nice trip down the river, just enough whitewater for Karla to enjoy it (she is getting better). We saw some eagles in the trees along the river and it was great. We did get rained on but water is water, either coming down from above or splashed up from below. And did I say we saw lighting and heard thunder? Well it was a storm that blew through. We made it to the bottom. And we moved on.........to................

Outside of Salt Lake City for a few nights while the MH got new batteries and a few other things checked out. While there we joined Costco, did some shopping, Kora got a haircut, we saw a movie (or most of it), we mysteriously (just ask me what that means) found a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream where I got a dip of my favorite ice cream, Rocky Road, it is the best. The MH is all better and we are now in NV as we travel to Lake Tahoe.

So there you have it, you are up to date and all is well with the world. As always, more of my pictures are viewable through a link on the left side of this blog (under sites we like).



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