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Saturday, August 22, 2009

did I say HOT?

We left Salt Lake City with our new coach batteries, Kora with a haircut and us having done all the shopping we care to do, under the hot blazing sun. It reached 102 degrees as we traveled across the Great Salt Lake Desert. They all say "but it is a dry heat" and yes it is dry, which means you don't sweat as much. You still don't feel like being outside and if you did there is nothing to do in the desert. After driving our three plus hours we arrived at our park. There was a sign on the door that told us to go find a spot and register later. Well as we were looking I asked Karla if there was a pool, she said yes so we looked and looked for the pool (and we know what a pool looks like) but no pool. With now one to ask and me feeling better driving than sitting in the hot sun, we decided to move on. Not sure how far we would go, but ready to take the full advantage of this home on wheels, new good batteries and a generator and me not afraid to use them. We actually drove all the way to the next park in Winnemucca, NV which did have a pool. We stayed there 2 nights, it was still hot, now 104 in the sun. After our two nights we left and drove another day through the desert. I did find what people do in the desert however. Along side the road people had taking rocks and spelled there names, made peace signs, spelled out harry loves susie and made symbols in the sand. Wow, what fun! Thru Carson City and up and over the mountains we go. We climbed, 1000 feet, 2000 feet and over the top! We made it and it is cooler, much cooler. We made it to S Lake Tahoe City park where we are in a no hookup site, so these cooler temps are needed. We put the batteries to there first test and they worked great. No furnace use over night but no real drop battery charge w/ the fans and lights we used over night. We are here for two nites and then move into a FHU C-2-C park where we will be till the end of the week.

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