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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Wedding

The Wedding, where do I start? It was just wonderful. Everything went beautifully. Virginia put it all together. There was no drama and only lots of good times.
It was so much fun watching the girls get Virginia ready. They were a bunch of great girls and they really loved Virginia. The whole wedding party was so beautiful, guys included. The ride over to the wedding in the limo was a hoot. All the girls spilled Champagne on their dresses and just laughed about it and continued their toast.

Virginia was never a bridzilla. Quite the opposite. There were a few things that happened behind the scenes that would have caused me some real anxiety but she handled it like a trooper. She kept everything organized and running smoothly. I was very proud of her.

After the wedding, the photographer was taking pictures outside and the sprinklers went off and got everyone wet, including people's cameras. We all just laughed and ran. It was one of the best wedding I have been to, other than my own of course. :)

You can take a look at the wedding pictures by going to the link at Karla's Album on the left side of the blog.

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