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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On our way north

Well, we have been inching our way north on our way to Steve and Laura's by the end of October.
We have seen a couple of my old friends from Ann Arbor, in LA and San Diego. Had a great time with Jean Crandel and her lovely friend, Karen, doing a little wine tasting. Also had dinner with Don and Jean on the beach near San Diego.

We have seen beautiful coastline and been in very hot, very cold and very windy weather too. One of the many fires here blocked us in our campground as the road out was closed for 2 days.

We went to a festival at Morro Bay and heard lots of good music and had good food. Kora got to go into a restaurant on the wharf that is pet friendly. They have leases attached to the wood seats every few feet. I thought it was very cool, she could have cared less. She just wanted the birds.

We got 24 straight hours of rain yesterday. It finally stopped about 2am. We developed a couple of leaks in the motor home. One of them was quite a mess. Eric had to go out in the rain several times to figure out where it was coming from. Of course he fixed it but the carpet was drenched. We had to have the fan and the heater on in all day and night. I think we are ready for another down pour thanks to my husband. He has decided to stop fixing things because every time he gets one thing fixed, something else breaks.

We are heading back into Yosemite in the next couple of days. There was a lot that we didn't get to see because of the fire last time.

Well, that is about all for now. See you down the road.

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