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Monday, January 25, 2010

We are spending the month of Feb at a park outside Corpis Christie TX with Al and Priscilla (friends from home who also live in their motor home, it has been 6 years for them so far). We are heading that way now. We went thru Chandler AZ so I could meet up with a cousin, Joel who lives there. He is the son of my Aunt Flo who we went to see in MN. That is another goal, as we travel to meet up with all my cousins. It was great to catch up with him. He too has a dream to do what we are doing and last year he took the first step and bought a motor home. I know we will see him again and maybe even some traveling together. That would be great.
We choose to drive HWY 90 from El Paso to San Antonio, which is a less traveled two lane road. It is a great drive, you gotta love the "blue highways". It took us through Marfa TX where we spent the night. We heard about the Marfa Mystery Lights while in Quartzsite and it sounded good. (We weren't told that they only are seen about 30 nights a year). Well we didn't see any lights, but at least we tried.

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