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Sunday, January 31, 2010

As of today I am an unofficial GEEK! For months now I have been trying to solve a problem about blogs and maps, and as of today I solved it. So here goes with the problem with the ultimate fix

My friend Ted has wanted me to have a map of our route so he, and others could visualize our travels. I also wanted the map on the blog, but not just a link to a map. Many hours I have worked on these two items. The stuff is out there but you just have to search and read. And people wonder what we retirees do w/ our time. People always say that the computer and internet have saved time, I believe that they give more people, more ways to WASTE time!

So for those that read my post in the SKP's forum about blogs and maps, here is what I did,

first, go to Google map and create the map to your liking, give it a name and save it to MY MAPS. This in itself is pretty frustrating. I had a lot of problems the drawing of lines.

second, on the google map page, on the right, above the map and below SIGN OUT there is chain link LINK, click it and then click CUSTOMIZE AND PREVIEW EMBEDDED ITEMS, then pick a size that fits the blog ( I used 110 by 200), then copy it

third, go to your blog, click LAYOUT, ADD A GADGET, pick HTML/JAVA SCRIPT, now paste the HTML that you saved from the map page.

fourth, click SAVE

sounds easy but the problem I was having was I couldn't do the paste thing. I finally found a HELP page about blogs and found that others were having the same problem. It was suggested to try using FIREFOX and not SAFARI or upgrade your IE to the latest version. Well, I use safari so all I did was change to Firefox and it worked. I have firefox on my computer and use both but more of safari.

Please check out the new map on our blog, click on the A COUPLE OF BOOMERS for a larger map to see where we have been.

So, as my son puts it to me after we have been talking on the phone to long,



  1. I am totally amazed anyone could figure this out. But I can tell you right now, it's way over my head and I'm not even going to attempt it. But it is way cool to see your map.