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Thursday, February 4, 2010

San Antonio, TX

We made it to the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Pretty amazing place, what foresight in planning a city. Christmas time would be a great time to visit because there are thousands of lights hanging from all the trees. I thought it would be fun to put the kayaks in for a float. (see them on top of the car?) Just as I thought about it a cop came around the bend to let me know he wouldn't advise it. (just kidding).
hum.......the Drury Plaza....I know a Drury......ah, it's Mike, my soon to be son in law, he's holding out on us,
The construction workers here at the Riverwalk get to ride boats to bring tools, material and themselves to the job site. What fun! They all have their hardhats on, but what about guard rails and life jackets? Where is OSHA ?
The right beer, for the right location, life is good
We did the boat tour, learned a lot about the history. For lunch Karla spotted a wings joint, Hootters (I didn't choose this place),
I had another beer.
While in San Antonio, we also visited The Alamo. Here is a picture of the front trellis.
Also two items of note from the "future down the road front",

one is that Karla and I were asked to volunteer at the city Campground in S Lake Tahoe. So July 12 thru Sept 12 will be be working hard at the Park by the Lake. We will be working the same shift of 14 hours per week and our job is to assist and greet the campers as they arrive. We will be parked in the cg in a special area w/ other volunteers.

and the other is, we have been trying to get onto one of the builds with Habitat for Humanity around New Orleans for once we leave here and they have been all filled. The other day a new build job was posted, I applied and was accecpted. So we have that to look forward to as well. It is in Thibodaux LA from March 28 - April 11. They are still looking for more RVers for this build so if interested, call


  1. Isn't Riverwalk a great place. And you had nice weather for it. We got the Christmas lights when we were there but it was so cold and windy you couldn't be outside for very long. But it was beautiful.

  2. We were there several times but it was always during the summer ... hot, humid and crowded. Good job on the photos!

  3. Riverwalk is definitely a worthwhile stop! All those great places to eat... Hooters? Really? Porter and Vicki