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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update Port Aransas

We have been here since Feb 1st. The weather has not been great for beach walking, riding, or even driving. Drinking however has been on the increase, is it the weather................. or Priscilla and Al? Hum..........Let me think........

It has been cold, windy and rainy. But the company has been great! We are here to join up w/ our long time friends from the stick and brick life, Al and Priscilla. They have been FT now for 3 years and part time for 7. Skip and Deb, fellow SKP's and also members of our class of 2009 showed up here for a few days. We had dinner and then I presented them w/ the Mortgage Burn and class papers. They enjoyed being able to get the papers, thank you Sandie.! I took no pictures, bad me. That was our second time meeting up w/ them since we first met in Sedalia MO. And thanks Deb for the eye meds, it cleared up Kora's eye infection right away.

Then arrives Sherry and Sharon, also fellow SKP and classmates members. Boy is it good to see them again. They are here for a month also and they are sporting their "new to them" motor home. It is everything thing they want in a home, especially the increased ceiling height from their past home. Sherry hasn't hit his head since they moved in. As nice as it is it wasn't big enough to fit my little "all in one" printer. We have one that we need to sell, they were ready to buy but there just wasn't a place for it. I will continue to look and I am even willing to even build a shelf for it, which would be fun cause I would get to use some tools and yes Doug from Canada, maybe even my nail gun again.

We have been trying to met up with Paul and Mary (Boris and Natasha ) since our arrival. Yes, they are classmates too, we just have never met them. They are at another park, just a few miles from here, saw that we were coming and let me know that they were in Port A too. I decided that an "on the spot" unannounced meet was a good idea, so Karla and I ventured out to stalk them. Luckily there was only one rig like theirs in the park and we found them outside. It was good to meet more of our class. Like all of us out here, they already have many stories to tell of their travels.

My next goal is to all meet for lunch where we can have a mini graduation for Sherry and Sharon, and Paul and Mary. And yesterday that happened. It was a great lunch and the papers were handed to all. I might say that Sandie did a much better job than I did but I can't expect her to be every where. I can hope but can't expect.

My request to all of them, is that at a bare minimum please post their location to the Class of 2008 map. That I would get them connected w/ Jeri who would help them through the process. Look out Jeri here they come.

So as you can see, the laundry is piling up and I need to get it into the car. All for now from chilly Port A.

The next update will occur after Saturdays "belt sander" races which happen every 2nd and 4th Sat of each and every month at a local bar. Now this I have to see. A belt sander is one tool I didn't bring and nobody would dare show up to a Belt Sander race with an orbital sander, or would they?

Stay tuned

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