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Friday, February 19, 2010

Who needs New Orleans?

Look out New Orleans, here comes Port Aransas Texas. The town puts on quite a parade which was about 50 to 75 floats from the local bars, restaurants, RV Parks and just about anybody who wants in. It turned into a late night out with a band playing at the bar where the parade ended. My birthday was the next day and I think I used the Fat Tuesday celebration as my birthday party. Wed was a pretty laid back day.

One of my birthday presents from Karla was a outdoor wireless speaker. Now we can sit outside (when the weather cooperates) and listen to music without having to crank it up inside. I had been checking out brands for some time and finally figured out the right one just in time for my birthday. We also bought a portable ice maker which has been on the list for some time. We have such a small freezer that there was no room for ice, so to have ice meant to buy it by the bag. Lets see, drinks take ice, beer is best cold, so yes we bought a lot of bags of ice. Now we can get under budget. No more ice buying!

The weather continues to be less than "outdoor friendly". We get a somewhat nice day but then it turns sour again the next. Today it rained . We are all getting a lot of stuff done on the motorhomes. Like I now can play the computer on the tv,the tv sound though the wireless, Itunes through the tv and the wireless and I made room for the new ice machine in one of the bays. I helped Sherry get his front tv working off the satellite and today we figured out where to put his engine fire extinguisher. All important stuff but I'd rather have nice sunny warmer days. Only once have we been on the kayaks.

Again I will comment that the weather has to get better.

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  1. OMG, that looks like so much fun! We left waaaay too soon!
    We so enjoyed meeting you two. Look forward to seeing you down the road soon. Take care. Say hi to our friends!