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Friday, March 5, 2010

Port Aransas Continued

Actually, we have left Port Aransas, left Katy TX (where we had and will have some work done on the mh) and are currently parked at an Escapees Park in Livingston TX. We did have some nice weather at Port A and we did some more things during the month. My goal is to update to the current date, So here we go:

I had a birthday, oh what fun! Thanks Sherry and Sharon for the banner in your window.

The Mardis Gras festivities continued with another party, this time with little dog races.

One very nice day, Sherry, Sharon, Karla and I drove into Corpus Christi to see the USS Lexington. It is a Navy Aircraft Carrier which has been retired and is a floating museum.

Next up was a fishing trip. We picked a morning, no wind, sun and sort of warm (and we found it)!!!! It was on a fishing charter boat which stays in the corpus bay area and was for 1/2 day. We loaded up sun screen, hats, sunglasses and coats and wet out. It was a great day or 1/2 day.

On now comes THE BELT SANDER RACES. I never have heard of this new sport but it peeked my interest so I made it a point of going. And I am glad we did. It was a totally fun way to spend an afternoon and evening. At the start of the races, we had to sing the National Anthem (of course)

I did a check of all my tools that I brought, and a belt sander was one tool I didn't think was necessary. Boy was I wrong. You just never know what to pack. The closest tool on board.......an orbital sander. I could take it and maybe, run circles around the competition?

At these races, you just never know who will show up
I am going to add this event to my list of events to follow or find as we continue our travels. There is an association which states all the rules and standards for belt sander racing. So, in the future, stay tuned for more BELT SANDER RACES .

Whooping Cranes. Did you know that there are only, apx. 250 left in the world? And they are winter texans, right here in Port Aransas. There is a bird preserve which allows for them to be safe here as they spend there days eating and relaxing. To get to see them, it is best to take a 4 hour boat trip out to the preserve. And again we choose a good day to do this. We saw whooping cranes, herons, sea gulls and many other birds that I don't remember the names of. There was a bird expert on the boat that was talking the entire time explaining all sorts of interesting tidbits of local interest.

The cranes are very territorial and don't like it when another crane is coming into there area. It is the males job to protect his acreage.

We ended our month stay in Port Aransas wishing we had better weather. It would have been a great place with all the beaches, waterways, biking and walking areas. However, we did enjoy meeting up with old friends and meeting new. It is time to move on.

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  1. Great posts really enjoy them.

    We're back in Port Aransas after 5 weeks in Maui. Gained 7 pounds, has a ball.

    We leave for Big Bend tomorrow. Will call and catch up!!!