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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Praire Cajun music

We made it to Eunice LA on Monday, March 8 for a week of Cajun Music and Food (or so we thought). As it turns out, there ain't much hap-nen during the week 'cept work and all. The Cajun Music Meusum was open so we visited it. We also visited the Cultural Center and Chamber of Commerce. We found that just about the only music before Saturday was at DI', but not till Thursday evening, so on Thursday we went. The food and music, were well just ok. Hopefully Saturday will be better. Mark Savoy owns a music shop in Eunice and he and his family are well known for their cajun music. Every Saturday morning at 9am he opens up his shop for a jam session. Anybody with a instrument and a desire to play can show up and join on in. And every musician needs an audiance, and thats where we fit in, we listen and enjoy. In the picture is a white haired guy playing the fiddle, See him? sure ya do, well I have seen him, but from where?.......um....... Mountainview AK, last May, he was there playing. Oh what fun, we talked, I bought a cd of his, and he played some more.

Next is the Liberty Theater for the radio show. Buy your tickets at 4pm and the show starts at 6:30. Nicks for dinner and drinks and then on to the show.

The patio at Nicks was wonderful and........................... empty. The food was great. Our waitress gave us two boiled crawfish to try, she even showed us how to eat them. Good but not much food from a crawfish, I couldn't imagine eating enough to get full. Some day, maybe.......

It's 6:30 and time for the Liberty. It was a radio show spoken in cajun french with a wee bit in english. The band was good and we enjoyed the show.

While in Eunice we stayed at the Cajun Campground and Saturday they had a Jambalaya Cook-off. About 6-8 contestants. We were able to try 3 and all were very good. We struck up a conversation with one of the contestants and he gave us a lesson in cooking jambalaya and much about the local customs.

Eunice again? lots to do on the weekend, not much during the week. We learned all about growing rice, farming crawfish, we also learned the difference between etouffee and jambalaya, we ate (and learned how to pronounce) boudin, cracklin' and finished it all off with a cruise down the Zydeco Cajun Prairie Scenic Byway.

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