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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Red Cliffs Recreation Area

From the park where we are at, you can walk or a short drive away are some great hiking areas. We can take Kora too. This is where Karla goes for her walks when I'm working. The walk follows a stream that starts in the mountains and passes by our rv park. It is ultimately stored in a reservoir and used for drinking water. This is as pretty of a walk as we have been on from any park we have stayed.

One day we loaded up the back pack with lunch and cameras and set off on a walk past where we had been before. I started to take a picture and my batteries were dead. These are pictures taken by Karla on her camera.


  1. Gorgeous photos. Now add your motorhome to your photo header! I did that on my blog and will probably keep doing the road shots too. I like them. Very nice.

  2. Beautiful shots. Love all the different colors.

  3. great pics - we can't wait to spend some time in this area next year.

  4. Commenting back from your post on our blog: Seibt is now called Nevada's Treasure - in Pahrump, we stayed there a month in October and LOVED that place, guess November is pretty windy wherever you go it seems...we are now at the Salton Sea and am writing my blog today, see you on the road soon I hope!