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Sunday, November 21, 2010

SW Utah continues

Snow Canyon State Park is right outside of St George UT. The drive has a south and north entrance. From the south you look into the canyon and are driving uphill and as you reach the north entrance you are on top of the canyon looking into it.

We also went back into Zion for another day of hikes that we haven't been on yet. One hike was to an area they call Weeping Rock.You walk into a canyon area and then you can look back out through the weeping water off the rock face. The bridge was a walking bridge over the Virgin River and you now know I have a "thing" for shots of railings on bridges, stairs and walkways. And one picture I was just playing around with my photo program.

And yesterday we drove into Mesquite NV for dinner with Virginia and Scott. For this dinner we had to drive over 2 state lines, an out to dinner first. While in NV we took advantage of a cheap Liquor Store. I was bummed, they were out of my most recent favorite choice for scotch, Dewars White Label, but I think they had every thing on the list. Once home we unloaded the boxes and put it all on the table, I had to get a picture of this. Oh, we had a great dinner and seeing Virginia and Scott was also great.
And finally today it rained on and off all day. At one point the sun came out long enough to see the snow through the clouds in the mountain tops just to the West. (If you look closely and enlarge the photo you can see the white stuff covering the mountain.) We are here for another 10 days and the weather reports are calling for night time temps to be below freezing for Wednesday and maybe Thursday. Who told us it didn't get cold here?


  1. I am NOT enlarging a picture to look at snow!! Just the thought makes me shiver. But poor old Billings, MT has a foot of snow and wind chill of -20 tonight. I am so thankful to be in AZ.

  2. LOVE the pictures!! Great job. What is with all the bottles? I want to come to your place and party!

  3. You've got Beefeaters! I wanna have a gin and tonic with Karla . . . Great pix. I can't wait for snow. But then, I AM a Yooper Girl.