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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving/Black Friday 2010 and Zion Nat'l Park

We had a great Thanksgiving here at the park. The turkey was good and the friends were new, few but fun. We didn't get any turkey for left-over sandwiches, turkey pot pie and turkey soup so today we are cooking our own using the oven in the club house. The park is slowly emptying out and we are getting ready to move south into AZ. We had a great time here as the company is great and plenty of places to go. Black Friday we went into Zion again for some hiking. For work yesterday I raked leaves, ALL DAY (now I remember why we sold the s&b) We received a dusting of snow at the park last night, so no leaf raking today.......darn! Tonight I just have to post my phone number at the guard house and be "ready" to handle any "in the park issues". Should be a quiet night for eating our turkey dinner.

The hike in Zion we wanted to go on is called Angle's Landing. It is listed as moderate to difficult but we knew we could just turn around if and when we got tired. It starts by crossing over the Virgin River and continues up into the mountains for some spectacular views of the canyon and river. In the picture of the trail with the guy in a blue jacket you can see off in the distance, and in between the two tops of the mountains, a notch in the rock face, that's where the trail goes. One picture is a close up of the notch and you can see people walking in the notch. To get there you hike on Walters Wiggles, a steep and winding trail that gets you to the notch.

Karla did great and made it very close to the notch and I continued on. I made it there but after that the trail got very icy as it traveled in the canyon between the two tops of the mountain. I stopped there. I didn't want to slip on the ice and I missed Karla, (oh ya,I was tired too).

It was a most enjoyable Black Friday with plenty of great weather and great scenery.

We are moving south and into AZ next week. Camp Verde RV Resort then Val Vista Village,Mesa then Casa Grande RV Resort. Can't wait to see all of you guys. Sherry and Sharon have been back home for the last couple of months but will be returning to mainland AZ in early Dec so we will be meeting up with them also.


  1. What a spectacular way to spend Black Friday. We love turkey left overs so we fixed our own meal too.

  2. Super pictures. It looks awesome there. Hope we get there this summer. Happy Cyber Monday.

  3. Your Utah adventures look wonderful. We will be heading to the Southwest, Las Cruces Habitat for Humanity Jan. 2. We plan on Utah in April when it warms up again. I will have to review your blog then. Magnificent pictures.

  4. S N O W is a four letter word. Shame on you!

  5. Great pics, we can't wait to go there this spring! We are heading out to AZ next week to Tucson, Mesa and then Quartzsite - hope to catch up with you there!