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Friday, December 3, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Recycling Containers provided by Karla
Karla wanted to do something positive while I was working at the last cg. She saw no recycling containers at the cg. She asked the managers if she could help them by doing the research for providing this service. They were receptive and said yes so she called the local recyclers, the local trash companies and spoke with the people in charge of recycling at the county.  There are many options in Washington County, Utah which is great for recycling. The county provides provides "binnies" (large drop off bins)  at many locations through out the county. She presented all the options to Michael and Christi and they chose to buy these containers to put in the park. County has binnies right down the street from where they live so it will be easy for them to keep these empty. As soon as Karla put them out people started to use them. As the park fills up in the spring and more and more people use the containers they may have to go to plan two,  but this is a great start.  Way to go Karla and Michael and Christie !


  1. Karla - that is just fantastic. Knowing they are willing to go the extra step to recycle makes me put them on my list of places I will stay. Good for you.

  2. Karla, that is so neat. You're making a difference, one park at a time. A BIG difference!