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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spread the word that we RVers want recycling!

Hello All!
Well,leave it to my sweet husband to give me praise when he helped me incredibly with this project while he worked hard in other areas in the park.

But seriously just a side note regarding the recycle issue. It has been amazing to us what excuses some parks come up with as to why they can't recycle. We RVers, who are the reason for their existence need to get the word out that we want recycling. You can help by just letting every park that you stay at know that you want recycling or that you appreciate the ones who do recycle. Every person who speaks up, makes a difference. Thanks for your help in this. Karla


  1. We appreciate your efforts - both of you. They do some recycling here in this park which is good. But the best thing is when you told us about Target. We take lots of stuff to them every week. And we've been spending more money with them then we did before.

  2. Great job Karla. We have noticed the same thing. Doesn't seem like that big a deal. We just think people are lazy. Plastic bags are my BIGGEST issue. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hey you two, Michael & Christi here. We just wanted to drop you a note about your little program you started here in the St. George, Utah area. We only have 17 to 20 rv's in the resort due to the off season but we are finding the BINS are being used by most everyone. We have to make a trip to the BINNIES two times a week with mostly paper and plastic. Its not a biggie to make the trip fore its on the way home and the the town of Leeds, Ut that provides the recy. center uses the proceeds to out the kids programs. So your little baby is a win/win for us, the small town and the earth. Good Job and thanks for caring.
    Michael & Christi Hargis
    MGRS St. George RV Resort
    Hurricane, Ut (ENCORE)