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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back again!

Again, it's been a long time since the last post.

This is from June 1 at Tahoe Valley CG, S Lake Tahoe, CG when it snowed 2 inchs.

Despite that, we had a great time there. We spent the rest of the summer doing workamping and biking, hiking, kayaking, dancing, oh and a little drinking too! The park, town and staff were wonderful and and we had a good enough time to say "We'll be back next summer!"

We visited the Grand Canyon and spent some time in N. CA. at my brothers house again. We also saw my sister and are currently outside Ann Arbor MI in Pinckney MI on Portage Lake. Again we are parked at Ted and Renee's house and this time I am remodeling his kitchen and bath. It has been a lot of work but I am taking time to spend some time with friends and ex- worker buddies. There is not much left to do on the kitchen, a little trim, install a door, install the new floor and wait for the counter top. But it won't be in till after Thanksgiving. Darn, this will be the second time we won't be able to see the finished kitchen till the  next time we are in the area. We can't wait around here much longer, it is getting cold and we have reservations in a park in Ft Myers Beach, FL for Dec.

So you saw the picture of our first grand child,  Grant Matthew Drury, born Oct 3 to my daughter Kai and her husband Mike. You might remember we were at their wedding in Sept of 2010 (they were on a baby mission). We plan on going to Chicago for Thanksgiving to be with all of them and my son Jesse.  And after that heading south.


  1. He is soooo darling. How much fun is that. Hope your weather cooperates for you when you head out for Florida. Miss you guys.

  2. So nice to be able to hear from you again!! What a darling little boy!! No wonder you are so proud and you should be.

  3. Yeah, you're back. That little guy is adorable. We have #8 due at the beginning of December. Congratulations.

  4. Great to hear from you again. Grant is a real cutie! Hope you post more often. Enjoy knowing what you are doing. Enjoy your Sunday.

  5. What a cutie!! Glad you got to be there and are having fun. We had a great time with you this summer in Tahoe and look forward to when our paths meet next, until then, my friends....safe travels.