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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grant on his way to get a Christmas tree
Today we made it safely into FL. and tonight we are parked in an RV park along the Suwannee River. And yes it is the river that the song was written about. We arrived here with blue skies and warmer weather. And yes it does feel great to have the windows open.  Tomorrow we will make to to Ft Myers Beach where we will be for a little over a month. Yea!!!

As you know, while we were in MI I helped my friend, Ted remodel his kitchen and bath. Here are a few photos of the project. When we left, the only things left to do are have the counter top installed, complete the painting, plumbing and electrical. I finished my part, now it is up to Ted to wrap it up.  Go Ted go! (Hopefully the check book stays healthy)

To keep us in MI and to help w/ completing the kitchen, while we were in Chicago, Ted put a "boot" on the motor home and said it would only be removed once the kitchen was done.

Before we begin

all tore out and ready for the first party

new cabinets and floor installed
waiting for the counter top
(taken from the same spot the first photo was taken)
inside of the original kitchen

Ted puts the "boot" on the mh to keep us around

our spot the day after we leave

the "boot"

Boy am I glad that I got my work done and that I figured out how to remove the boot, or I would have had to do some snow shoveling!


  1. Great looking remodel job. And that boot is just too funny.

  2. Oh how funny! What a sense of humor...the boot!
    You two did a great job with the remodeling. Glad you are in warmer weather. Feels sooooo good! Enjoy your new surroundings!

  3. You and Doug would be quite a pair. Maybe you should be traveling remodelers.