Our Current Travels

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We had a great time in Chicago, but it was over to soon. We left for home on Sunday and it rained all the way back. We spent Monday packing and loading up and getting ready to travel. And Mon. night we went into town and spent time w/ friends and said our goodbyes. Today it rained all day but we made it safe and sound to a park just outside Lexington KY. Tomorrow to somewhere close to Atlanta.

Tonight the rain is changing to snow back in MI. Boy are we lucky, as we leave just in time. Almost to close for comfort!


  1. Hope WE can get away before the snow flies but we have 3 - 4 more weeks.

  2. So glad you guys got out before the snow hit. Love the rivalry. And you definitely deserve the blame cause you probably started it. lol

  3. What a sweetheart. Safe travels...where ever!