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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chicago Botanic Garden

Yesterday evening we went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens http://www.chicagobotanic.org/with Kai, Mike and family. It is 385 acres of gardens on both land and water. There is music in the evenings and on Monday's, the Carillon (bell tower) is played.
The Theodore C. Butz Memorial Crillion

Up there, the bells are ringing
Happy, oh so happy
Mike, Kai and family

Mike and Grant
At a waterfall

While I was downloading pictures I found these still in the camera. We have been so busy we haven't had time to even post any pictures.
reading a book 

Bongo mania

Karla has her arms full

Grant helping me grille


  1. We visited Chicago last summer. We really enjoyed our visit.

    Y'all look so good. Nice to see a photo of you and Karla.

    Mike and Kai's family is so cute. You two are making lots of memories. Great.

  2. Grandkids are so much fun!! They sure enhance our lives and it's great that we can do the same to theirs. What a good looking family you have!

  3. Life gets amazingly busy when we are visiting family, doesn't it??
    We celebrate 4 years on the road next month. We already have "jello" plans that extend out 2 years, so hopefully our health holds up! We are headed to the maritimes for the summer, then down through, MI, as usual. We'll try to catch you if we go through that way!