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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary to US !

   Four years ago today it was a rainy Saturday in Ann Arbor. Our  motor home was packed, the house was sold, (not closed yet however) and we were ready to start a new phase in our lives. I pushed the retract button for the stabilizers and up they went, along with the 30 amp power cord that was wrapped around the bottom plate. With sparks flying and a blown fuse, luckily all that I did was ruin 30 amp cord. I began thinking, what on earth have we done now.
  And I have thought that a few other times in the last 4 years, like when the motorhome engine through a rod on our way to Kai and Mike's wedding and we needed a new engine,  when the fresh water tank had to be replaced due to a cracked fitting, leaking water and drain fittings, two flat tires, two leaking faucets, when the refrigerator quite working on a sunny 90 degree day, slide seals that don't seal and it's raining, the main slide won't come in as we are trying to leave a park, then it did, then didn't, did, didn't, now it is fixed and all have to do is replace the shear pins just before they shear (ask me how that is going). Jacks that won't come up and then do, steps retract and then don't, then do. I think that about covers the broken stuff. Oh, just trying to get the repairs done and preform general maintenance on your home on wheels can be daunting.
  And even with all that, our lives are so much more full and richer, with the places we've seen and the people we've met that we wouldn't trade this way of life for any thing else.  Now there will be a time when it is time to get off the road, but it isn't just yet.
  We've learned about workamping and volunteering which helps with the budget and to fill in the days of post retirement.
  So here's to another day, another season,  another year,  another trip around the country to places we've been, to places we haven't been, to visit with old friends, to make new ones, to see family and be able to help when there is a need. To make it another four?     Maybe. But when something better comes along, we'll take it.
And until then...........

See ya on down the road and as always travel safe

Eric and Karla
Sunset behind Chicago taken 4 years ago


  1. You're so right- it's been the most wonderful and also some of the most frustrating times of our lives and I'm sure not ready to give it up. Happy Anniversary!!! Hopefully you're celebrating by NOT repairing anything.

  2. I hear you! We've had good times and bad times. I'm not sure I ever want to be back in real civilization again. Maybe something different but not the same old house on the same old block with the same old people every day. This is for me ... maybe with a few tweaks though.

  3. Wishing you two a very happy anniversary. We are so glad we got to spend time with the two of you.

    Yes, sometimes the maintenance can be nerve wracking, but owning a "stick and brick" house has its moments also.