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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Enjoying the winter

   We feel for all our family and friends that are having to endure all the cold and snow this winter is throwing at them. Our thoughts are with you all.
   However, we are glad we are here in SW FL where the weather is actually very warm. Lots of sun with a little more rain than last year (I'm not complaining) just saying.  We are now "in season" so the park is full. And with being full, I keep very busy with maintenance here in the park.  We do get out and do some kayaking with others from the park, weekly softball, lawn bowling and Friday night out to see our favorite band, HighTide.

Me taking a picture of Scotty taking a pic of a sunset 
The latest news is that we will be grand parents again. My daughter is due in July so we will be able to help them out this summer. So we will be back volunteer hosting at Illinois Beach St. Park just north of Chicago. Looking forward to that. 3 kids under 3......scary. 
    Thanks for reading.


  1. Congrats grandfolks. But 3 under 3 is definitely scary. I am sure you will be greatly appreciated. It's been nice here in AZ this year and we're also very happy not to be up north anywhere.

  2. Great to hear from you. Glad you two are enjoying the good life.
    Congratulations on baby #3. What a riot it will be having three babies around.