Our Current Travels

Saturday, April 12, 2014

  We left Ft Myers Beach on Wed and headed straight to Pinckney MI. Three nights,  4 days of travel,  300+miles a day and we would be parked at our friends driveway, Ted and Renees'.
  The trip, as with all trips had it's unexpected surprises. While in stop and go traffic throughout day 2, the Check Engine light came on. Karla read the manual and said that it might be bad gas or the gas cap not on tight or something else. Continue to drive and wait for 3 cold engine start cycles, get gas and make sure the gas cap is on tight. It might go out and if it doesn't, take it in for service. So we continued...............heading north
  Day 3 we in the morning with the check engine light still on and headed north. After 100 miles I stopped at a rest stop and while walking around the MH I noticed a almost flat tire. Luckily we carry an air compressor so I filled up the tire, checked all and headed off. I monitored the pressure and it was holding. When we stopped for gas that afternoon there were a couple of tire repair stores at the exit so I checked to see if they could look at the tire. They couldn't for a couple of hours so I checked pressure again and it was fine. So we headed north.
Spring of 2014 at Ted and Renees'
  Day 4, checked pressure, it was still good, and with the check engine light still on we continued north. Stopped for gas early and when restarting, the check engine light wasn't on, yea! and with still good pressure in the tire we continued.  We arrived at Ted and Renee's at 4:30 and all is well. It's hard to see the lake but it isn't frozen, the temps are in the low 70's.  All is Good!

HighTide at Times Square
We will miss our Fri night Sunset Celebrations with Scotty and the band. It was a great winter but it is time for new experiences with old friends and spending time with kids and growing families. Here are a couple of my favorite winter pics of Mallory and Grant.


  1. Boy are the kids getting big.

    I would never have let Paul drive all that way with an engine light on. It would have scared me to death.

    Glad you are home with family and friends. Keep enjoying the good life.

    1. if it wasn't flashing, the manual said to drive it through three cycles, so we did and it stopped. very happy about that.

  2. Dashboard lights and low tires. Does add some excitement to the journey. Glad you are safe in your friend's driveway. The grands are just so cute. Have fun with them this summer.