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Saturday, November 8, 2014

in resting mode

After 5 days of moving every day, we are taking a few days to check out Santa FE, NM. Yesterday we were in Tucumcari NM and we walked around the main drag. It's all about Historic Route 66 with museums and gift stores everywhere. But it is also about yestergone days as most of the buildings were boarded up.
Boarded up, Tucumari, NM

Old gas station converted to Museum
 And today we were pretty happy when we found these prices. Only filled the car up at this point.
wow, $2.52 gas, Santa Fe, Nov 8

Karla was pretty happy today once we found a Trader Joes and a Sprouts to do some grocery shopping at.

all is well


  1. We stayed in Tucumcari on our way back to AZ this year and we both agreed that it seems to be even in worse shape then a few years ago.

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