Our Current Travels

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gas at $2.52 was good then but times have changed. The other day at the Blythe CA Flying J, it was $1.99. Yes Blythe CA, and we have moved on. Christmas in Las Vegas with Virginia and Jesse was great. Jesse and I added stone to their fireplace front and 2 doors and a shelf to the empty space next to the fireplace. It looks great as Jesse hung the doors this last weekend.

We were in Vegas for an extended period of time so I could see a Dr about shoulder problems I have been having. I was diagnosed  with Shoulder Impingement and may need arthroscopic surgery. It appears to be getting better with stretches and exercises, so I'm choosing to let it go for now. Left shoulder is worse than the right, but both are bad. I do not sleep through the night as the pain wakes me up.

This fall and winter we have been to Bluegrass Festivals in Wickenburg AZ and Blythe CA, visited parks and friends in Mesa AZ, SunCity AZ and spent Christmas with family in Las Vegas and now.....

We are currently in Quartzite AZ camping on BLM Land with old and new Escapee Friends. It has been a lot fun but we leave tomorrow for Yuma for a week. We are heading for my brother Steve's in Monte Rio CA, (just north of San Fran) where I have another Dr appointment Feb 12 has the shoulders are not getting better.

It has been a great trip out west, looking forward to the rest of the winter as we continue our travels.

And no post would be complete without a grand kid photo


  1. My gosh. I didn't know you were having shoulder issues. We will talk later.

    Love the shot of the grandkids.

  2. It has been so much fun visiting with you guys again. It's just been so long. Hope they can figure out something that will help you with your shoulder pain.